KAKU: Ancient Seal Next Month

Bingo! BINGOBELL announces KAKU: Ancient Seal will exit Early Access on July 12th when this action/RPG breaks the seal on its official release. A (sadly) pinniped-free Official Release Date Trailer is here to celebrate the news, and the recently released new playable demo remains playable on Steam. If you like it, you should wait for the release date to make a purchase, as that will bring a 25% launch discount. This post has an outline of what will change from Early Access in version 1.0. Here's more on that:
Embark on an extended adventure: Following extensive rounds of internal and player beta testing, the full version now offers well beyond 30 hours of content.

Delve into a reimagined adventure with our redesigned protagonist, accompanied by new content including open-world gameplay, a dynamic runestone system, a transformation system, and the enigmatic Realm of Ruins. Additionally, meticulous sound effects, controls, UI, and performance optimisations have been implemented. Together, these enhancements offer a fresh experience that ensures even returning players will be amazed.