SpaceSlog Announced

Produno Games Studios announces SpaceSlog, a sci-fi simulator where you design and build your own spaceship and explore the universe. This is said to be coming "soon" to the Epic Games Store and Steam, and the Epix listing suggests this means February 2025. The Announce Trailer includes a look at work-in-progress gameplay, offering a vocal-fry heaving explanation of what to expect. Here's more on that from the game's solo developer on its influences:
Merging Rimworld and Starship Theory whilst including a few small changes, we could get pretty close to the kind of game I have wanted to play. There are several other games that come close, such as Star Command, Space Haven, FTL plus many more I have tried in the past but none of them seem to capture that game I have been waiting for. So in comes SpaceSlog, the game I have waited so long for someone else to create. The true love child of Rimworld, Starship Theory, X-COM and all those other great games I have loved in the past. Other inspirations have come from TV shows such as Firefly, Stargate Universe, The Expanse and Battlestar Galactica"