The EVERYWHERE Website is accepting applications for closed beta testing of EVERYWHERE, a new project spearheaded by ex-GTA producer Leslie Benzies. This was vaguely revealed and we thought it was for consoles only, but the PC beta is set to begin on June 18th according to Eurogamer, where an article from last year dispelled suspicions this might be some sort of cheesy NFT dealie. EVERYWHERE is described as a "zero-code toolset" allowing the creations and remixing of gaming projects with no programming prowess. Its underlying technology is dubbed "ARCADIA," not to be confused with a visual novel of the same name that's free-to-play on Steam. The OFFICIAL BUILDERS BETA TRAILER takes a look. Here's more:
Join us to test ARCADIA, our building tools and self-publishing system, and library of assets and user generated content. ARCADIA makes building fast and easy and encourages the community to collaborate for the benefit of the entire ecosystem. With just an idea and commitment to create, anyone can make and publish a high-quality videogame.

Builders Beta marks the start of our official launch of EVERYWHERE as we begin the journey to full release.

EVERYWHERE is a haven for limitless creativity. We credit everyone’s contribution, so each game will have a full list of users who made it possible through the elements they created independently or together.