Crime Boss: Rockay City Playtest Sunday

505 Games and INGAME STUDIOS announce another playest will start on Sunday for the Steam Edition of Crime Boss: Rockay City. You must request access, but everyone who applies will get in. This will help vet the game while giving players a chance to see all that's been done to recover from the rockay launch for the heist shooter. Word is: "Crime Boss: Rockay City has come a long way since our initial launch last year! And we can't wait to welcome more of you into this incredible community. We have a super bright future ahead of us." The news also reveals the Steam edition will get an additional 20% launch discount along with the inclusion of all the game's DLC. This post has the details. Here's more on the game itself:
Welcome to the 90’s Rockay City! Heist, loot and shoot your way to the top of the criminal underworld! Build your criminal empire in the singleplayer rogue-lite campaign or put together a crew with your friends in action-packed co-op multiplayer heists!

Heist, steal and rob it all!
Become a notorious criminal legend in this tension-packed, over-the-top, first-person shooter.

Use a wide range of weapons and equipment to combat police forces and rival gangs while you make off with the score! Go guns blazing or undetected with immersive stealth gameplay in highly randomized heists. Build your squad and successfully rob banks, hold up stores, raid armored trucks and more!