Dragami Games announces LOLLIPOP CHAINSAW RePOP will be digitally released worldwide on September 25th for PC via Steam and for consoles. A first trailer shows off this remaster of the 2012 zombie action game. This promises the "definitive version" of the game, with improved framerates and graphics, quality of life improvements, and additional content. A first trailer is here to show this in action. Here's more:
LOLLIPOP CHAINSAW RePOP is a remake of the original LOLLIPOP CHAINSAW (2012), on which Yoshimi Yasuda lead development as producer. RePOP is a definitive version of the game which leaves the story unchanged, with the focus on quality-of-life improvements and additional gameplay content.

Watch Juliet, a descendant of zombie hunters, as she fights alongside her boyfriend and family to stop a zombie apocalypse starting in her high school in "Juliet's 18th Birthday."