Medieval Dynasty Console Co-op Patch This Month

An announcement on Steam details plans for an update coming to Medieval Dynasty for PC and consoles on June 27th. This will add co-op and crossplay support for the survival RPG currently only on Steam everywhere except for, due to a complication: "Due to the specific nature of, its players will receive update including the new map and additional content, but we are still working on the introduction of the Co-Op mode on this platform." Here's a Console Co-Op Mode Update Launch Trailer and more:
Current gen console players will be able to join the fray with their PC counterparts as Medieval Dynasty expands its dominion cross-platform, expanding their co-op adventures in the Middle Ages. Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 console gamers will now get a chance to experience Piastovia for themselves, the heart and soul of the Oxbow where their epic journey and exciting new quests will begin.

Not only does the co-op mode introduce a whole new player experience for current gen console players to enjoy with their friends, but they’ll also notice that villages within the Oxbow come alive with a newfound vibrancy, teeming with activity as village folk go about their daily lives and conduct their chores.