Space for Sale Early Access in Summer

Mirage Game Studios announces Space for Sale will enter Early Access this summer, kicking off this sandbox space/survival game focused on real estate sales. A new trailer called The Great Pivot features the team discussing alterations to the design to accommodate Early Access, which includes changes to make for a more replayable game in general. Here's word:
3...2...1...takeoff! Get your rockets and space suits ready as Space for Sale launches into Early Access on Steam this summer! Start your very own space realtor adventure, solo or with a friend! All of this is topped off with a new dev diary entry.

In today's dev diary, Mirage Game Studios' Lead Artist Toby talks with Simon, their Game Director, about the changes the studio had to make for Space for Sale to pivot it into an early access title, how Space for Sale is moving towards becoming a more replayable game, about finishing planets, and their bigger focus on community building while introducing their new Community Manager, Masha!