On Disco Elysium's Cancelled Follow-ups

An extremely lengthy article on PC Gamer has the follow up to the news that groundbreaking RPG Disco Elysium will not be getting a sequel, and the remainder of its development team was laid off by ZA/UM. This combines public information, interviews, and some off-the-record comments to fill us in on the surprising amount of drama involved in the cancellation of more than one attempt to capitalize on the game's success. Here's a small bit:
Since 2019, A Disco Elysium sequel, a sci-fi RPG in a new setting, and a full-size Elysium spin-off game have been canceled or "paused," while a heated personal and legal dispute between founding members hangs over ZA/UM's every move. That last canceled game, described as "a spin-off about one of the most beloved characters in Disco Elysium" and spearheaded by one of the first game's principle writers, wowed other teams at the studio in an internal demo at the end of last year. It could have been on our SSDs as early as 2025.

This project was cancelled in February, much to the shock of most ZA/UM employees, and nearly the entire team⁠—including that Disco Elysium writer, Argo Tuulik⁠— was laid off. I spoke with 12 current and former employees, including Tuulik and fellow X7 lead writer Dora Klindžić, to find out what went wrong. Studio ZA/UM itself did not respond to a request for comment in time for publication.