WUCHANG: Fallen Feathers Announced

505 Games and Leenzee announce WUCHANG: Fallen Feathers, a "mystic epic" action/RPG featuring "diabolical boss fights" when it arrives next year for PC, Game Pass, and Xbox Series X|S. The Windows edition is coming to the Epic Games Store and Steam and it can be wishlisted right now. The Announcement Trailer provides a look at what to expect. Here's word:
WUCHANG: Fallen Feathers is a soulslike, action RPG set in the land of Shu during the dark and tumultuous late Ming Dynasty, plagued with warring factions and a mysterious illness spawning monstrous creatures.

Become Wuchang, a skilled pirate warrior struck by amnesia, who must navigate the uncertainties of her mysterious past while afflicted by the horrific Ornithropy disease. Explore the depths of Shu, enhancing your arsenal and mastering new skills harvested from fallen foes. Evolve your fighting style by sacrificing elusive Red Mercury and further develop new techniques obtained throughout your action-packed journey. Augment the weapons in your repertoire with powerful enchantments, allowing for a unique approach to combat and strategy that suits your personal style.