Eriksholm: The Stolen Dream Announced

River End Games and Nordcurrent Labs announce Eriksholm: The Stolen Dream, a narrative stealth game coming to Windows and consoles. It won't arrive until next year, but you can now wishlist the PC edition on the Epic Games Store or Steam. The team's résumé's include Battlefield, Little Nightmares, Mirror's Edge, and Unravel, and the announcement boasts "near-AAA production values," offering this OFFICIAL REVEAL TRAILER to back up the claim. Here's a description:
Eriksholm: The Stolen Dream is a character-driven single-player game set in the titular Eriksholm — a fictitious city in a fictitious world greatly influenced by a Nordic-inspired, early 1900s aesthetic. It tells the tale of three protagonists united by fire in their hearts to defy their oppressors. The reveal trailer introduces protagonist Hanna, an adolescent orphan on a quest to find her brother Herman. What follows is a sequence of events that transforms Hanna into a reluctant hero, inspiring her and her friends to rise from the gutters of Eriksholm to become symbols of change.