Empire of the Ants in November

A new Release Date Trailer for Empire of the Ants offers a new look at the detailed graphics in this upcoming strategy game while announcing it will crawl out onto PC and consoles on November 7th. Based on the science fiction novel of the same name by Bernard Werber, this puts the player in the role of an ant working to protect its colony. Here's more on the game before a picnic breaks out and ruins everything:
With Empire of the Ants, every decision is critical, every move is strategic, and every conquest reflects your skill in exploring a world where the smallest beings wield immense power! Strategy, exploration, battles, and even alliances with the local wildlife will be necessary to emerge victorious from the myriad challenges that await players.

Developed by the renowned studio Tower Five using Unreal Engine 5, 'Empire of the Ants' offers players a real-time strategic experience inspired by Bernard Werber's iconic saga. Prepare to embark on a thrilling adventure, where you must lead a colony of ants to prosperity through tactical and strategic battles in a world of epic proportions. Strategy, exploration, battles, and alliances with the local wildlife will all be essential for overcoming the many challenges that await players.