Demos & Freebies - Steam Next Fest June 2024 Begins

Some are from the Steam Next Fest June 2024 which is now underway, while others are from the ongoing Latin American Games Showcase on Steam as early June is starting to become an annual showcasenado. Not to add any pressure, but some (many?) of these demos are only available for a limited time.

  • Adventure Forge on Steam (Windows, macOS). "Make your own narrative-rich games: Choose Your Own Path, Visual Novels, Hidden Object Games, and even full isometric RPGs - all with no code required. Adventure Forge is a game creation platform from legendary designer Jordan Weisman (BattleTech, MechWarrior, Shadowrun, Crimson Skies)."
  • Bittersweet Birthday on Steam (Windows, macOS, Linux). "Bittersweet Birthday is an action game where every combat encounter is a challenging and unique experience. Learn your enemy's patterns, plan your movements and tear down your opponent in fierce battles that combine Soulslike dodge roll mechanics with bullet hell mayhem."
  • Cat Quest III on Steam (Windows). "In Cat Quest III you play as a purrivateer in a freely explorable 2.5D open-world swarming with Pi-rats. You can sail the seas in your ship for treasures galore! But prepare for peril, as the Pirate King aims to hunt you down..."
  • CATO on Steam (Windows, macOS). "CATO = Cat + Toast = Buttered cat paradox = Anti-gravity 🍞🐈🧩."
  • Caravan SandWitch on Steam (Windows). "Embark on a journey across vast landscapes in Caravan SandWitch, a captivating narrative-driven exploration adventure."
  • Diesel Legacy- The Brazen Age on Steam (Windows). "Diesel Legacy is a 2v2 fighting game where four players battle on the same stage at the same time. This unique twist on the traditional fighting game formula adds an entirely new layer of strategy where cooperation will become the key to success."
  • Handmancers on Steam (Windows). "Handmancers is a wholesome roguelite deckbuilder with a first-person twist. Craft your deck, enhance your cards, equip tricky artifacts and face powerful enemies in a strategic Parchment, Stone and Blades fight! Handmancers solve their problems through the power of their hands… literally."
  • Janosik 2 on Steam (Windows). "Janosik 2 is a retro action-platformer with metroidvania elements. Get ready to jump, slash, dodge roll, dive, smash and bash your way through deadly traps, mischievous villains and bosses, and more in this sequel to Janosik."
  • Maximum Football on Steam (Windows). "Lead your team to victory in the ultimate football simulation game that is Free to Play! Rule the gridiron with realistic, physics-based gameplay that allows every play to be unique. Customize your team, recruit your dream roster, and take it to the gridiron locally or online to cement your legacy."
  • Seal: WHAT the FUN on Steam (Windows). "'Seal: WHAT the FUN' is an omniverse multiplayer party royale game that allows up to 20 players to enjoy a range of compact plays in 10 minutes. Players can customize their characters with variety of effects and features, making the game more interactive and unpredictable."
  • Vampire Dynasty on Steam (Windows). "You are a vampire. Build a castle, manage your clan and expand your hold over Sangavia. Develop your character, experience a dramatic story in an open world and rule the land either alone or with your friends in co-op mode."