Tactical Breach Wizards in August

Tactical Breach Wizards will arrive for Windows on August 22nd, debuting a new turn-based strategy game from Suspicious Developments. This is a long time coming, as word is the game's development stretches back more than six years. In a world where this Release Date Trailer reveals a release date, word is: "The trailer profiles key members of your team, including and limited to: the Navy Seer, the Freelance Storm Witch, the Necromedic and the Rebel Riot Priest." You can check out the game for yourself in a playable demo that's now available on Steam. Word is this is part of a loosely connected sort-of trilogy with Gunpoint which launched in 2013 and Heat Signature from back in 2017. Here's more:
Tactical Breach Wizards is a turn-based tactics game in which you lead a team of renegade wizards in kevlar, as they unravel a modern conspiracy plot and/or find the most stylish way to punch a Traffic Warlock through a 4th story window.

It's the third and final game in the tenuously connected Defenestration Trilogy, following on from Gunpoint and Heat Signature only in the sense that people can and will be propelled through windows by your actions.