Gunboat God Announced

Janson RAD and Fireshine Games announce Gunboat God, a 2D shmup where you play as the deity of destroyers. This has a Steam Listing and we're told to expect this in early 2026. In the meantime we have an announcement trailer showing off stylized graphics and smooth gameplay. Here's more:
Discover an entirely new take on the phrase ‘wave-based combat’ in this energetic arcade shooter, where players take to the seas in a fast-moving, quick-firing gunboat across hundreds of instantly gratifying micro-missions.

Upgrade and transform your gunboat with superpowered weapons, skills and abilities, riding the waves of a savage swampland and wild water worlds with dynamic, fluid movement. Fend off monsters above and below water in compulsive, pick-up-and-play gameplay, keeping your gunboat afloat with skilful sailing and powerful new abilities.

Sail the seas as you surf, jet, dive, and fight against supersized bosses and relentless enemy hordes. Evolve your gunboat and equip your ship with powerful new weaponry and abilities in ultra-fast combat across a huge variety of levels and objectives.