Worship Announced

Here's the Steam Listing for Worship, an upcoming action/strategy game that will allow you to live the dream of operating your own doomsday cult. It's listed as "coming soon," but the announcement says next year. A Gameplay Trailer shows off stylish 2D graphics with the ever-popular black & white and red all over motif (we won't go into the use of brown). Here's word:
Embrace your dark side and don the robes of a cultist as you slowly take over the world. Draw with your blood and perform blood rites to overcome foes and challenges in your path. Perform your god’s dreadful deeds to be rewarded with even more powerful sorceries. Indoctrinate Recruit followers to do your bidding. They are mindless pawns ready to do anything for you. Order them around and sacrifice them as your god demands to perform even stronger rituals! Instigate the end of the world - or die trying.