Tales of Seikyu Announced

ACE Entertainment and Fireshine Games announce Tales of Seikyu, a fantasy farming adventure for Windows. This has a Steam Lisiting showing a 2024 release window, but we're told not to expect Early Access before the beginning of next year. This trailer shows an odd twist for the genre, as you will play as a person, rather than a cute anthropomorphic animal. Here's more:
Obtain ability-enhancing masks to transform into mythical creatures to aid in your exploration of Seikyu. Shapeshift into a Crow tengu and soar freely into the skies, climb cliffs effortlessly as a tree spirit Dryad, or dive deep as a Slime in search of hidden treasures.

Forge connections with extraordinary characters, and nurture friendships and romances with Seikyu’s lovable village folk, unlocking their hearts, empathising with their joys and sorrows, and fostering relationships.