I Am Your Beast Demo

Strange Scaffold announces I Am Your Beast, a cel shaded first-person shooter from the folks behind El Paso, Elsewhere. This will launch on Steam on August 15th, but there's a playable demo to check out right now. Here's the I Am Your Beast "Where are you Harding" trailer, and here's word on the game:
I Am Your Beast is a shortform covert revenge thriller FPS about getting hunted across the North American wilderness by the military-industrial complex--and turning the tables.

You are secret agent Alphonse Harding. Retired for six years, you've been asked to complete ‘one last job’, one too many times. Declining your latest mission sets in motion a furious guerilla war between you and the Covert Operations Initiative (COI) that litters the forest with bodies and bullet casings.

Break your opponents. Use their own equipment against them. Duck into your tunnel network before enemy forces zero in on your location. Repeat.