Sumerian Six Demo

Artificer and Devolver Digital announce Sumerian Six, an alternate-history tactical adventure coming to Windows later this year. This will put you in command of one of the Allies' famous teams of commando scientists to go behind enemy lines to fight Nazis, and uncover the inevitable arcane mysteries they are messing with. An Announce Trailer takes a first look at its distinctive style, and there's a playable demo to check out right now on Steam. Here's more:
Sumerian Six follows the Enigma Squad, a team of scientist commandos composed of the world’s greatest scientists who combine their skills to conduct secret missions in their fight against the Third Reich. Together, you seek to thwart ex-member Hans Kammler's nefarious plans involving a powerful, mystical substance named Geiststoff.

Embark on a thrilling journey across multiple continents alongside allies such as the exiled chemist Rosa Reznick, Wojtek the Werebear, and the esoteric psychoanalyst Siegfried von Adelsberg. Dispose of your enemies by using each team member’s unique set of abilities inspired by their fields of expertise, and learn to master the art of chaining them together for devastating effects if you hope to be successful.

As you delve deeper into the Nazi plot, you’ll encounter occult-scientific weapons and ancient Sumerian artifacts linked to Kammler's machinations. A grim future awaits you should the Nazis be victorious, so do your best to prevent that dark timeline from coming true in this real-time tactical stealth adventure.