Stormgate Early Access in August

Stormgate will launch into Early Access on Steam on August 13th, offering the new real-time strategy game from Frost Giant Studios, a developer comprising veterans of StarCraft II and Warcraft III development. There's a chance to get to play even earlier, as those who pre-purchase the Early Access Bundle for the free-to-play game can get started on July 30th. A new Third Faction Revealed Trailer accompanies the news. Here's a bit on how this is to be a more accessible installment in the RTS genre:
Stormgate features a variety of innovative features meant to make this style of game more approachable than ever. The Quick Macro Panel (QMP) puts all of the actions players need to perform to build and maintain their armies at their fingertips while automated control groups make controlling armies a cinch. Stormgate also features a customizable player-assist tool called the BuddyBot that provides varying degrees of automated assistance. Designed for the benefit of new players as well as those with differing abilities, the BuddyBot gives players a helping hand by providing as much or as little help as desired. While it won't turn a new player into a world champion, the BuddyBot can help anyone dive right into the fun of leading armies in epic battles.