Phantom Line Announced

Antistatic Studios announces Phantom Line, a "paranormal SWAT" first-person shooter coming to Steam with a "to be announced" release date. But as noted in this post, you can participate in the game's June 2024 pre-alpha playtest by requesting an invitation on Discord. Here's a reveal trailer with a look, and here's a description:
You are the OPERATOR, part of an elite spec-op unit that deals with anomalies - bizarre and inexplicable events hidden from the public. You work for a mysterious megacorp called Mortfield Industries.

One of Mortfield's research facilities, placed in the IRON CORRIDOR - an Eastern Europe region torn by international tensions and paranormal activities - has lost contact with HQ. You’ve been sent there to investigate and secure the perimeter, as nuclear war just breaks out.

Now, you must deal not only with tears in the fabric of space-time and monstrous entities, but also with a serious international conflict. With fire and chaos spreading quickly, you and your friends are on the frontline of humanity as its last defense.

Will you be able to fulfill your mission? Are you willing to die again and again for the cause?