Streets of Rogue 2 Early Access in August

August 14th is the Early Access release date for Streets of Rogue 2, the sandbox adventure sequel. Here's a bit on the release roadmap: The Steam Early Access release merely marks the start of the madcap fun: developer Matt Dabrowski and publisher tinyBuild have already committed to multiple exciting updates to maximize the madness in the lead-up to the 1.0 launch." Here's a Release Date Trailer and here's word on the game:
Soak in the beauty of a lively procedurally generated world with one objective: depose a corrupt president… or just chill in the countryside, no one’s judging! Pursue the coup with total freedom, whether that means: running amok in a chaotic crime spree or roleplaying as a boy scout to help out numerous townsfolk with side quests to unlock sweet rewards.

Live out wild dreams with a jam-packed roster of playable characters, each with distinct talents, like the tech-savvy hacker, agile ninja, or culinary chef. Plot to take over the country by any means necessary, like breaking into facility mainframes, staging a zombie outbreak, hiring a band of crooks, or becoming a farming mogul who can bribe anyone.