NUGGETS ENTERTAINMENT announces AMONG THE WILD, a "creative catching" first-person farming game that sports a TBA release date on Steam. The first look in the reveal trailer seems to be equal parts charming and horrifying, which seems to fit the genre. Here's word:
Wrangle, take care of-, and hang out with a wide variety of creatures. Get to know their diets, behaviors, needs and traits to make them thrive on your farm. Use their inherent or developed abilities to improve your farm, go on adventures, evolve new creatures, or just trade them for profit.

Build your own farm however you choose. Plant crops, build bee-hives, smokers, or fermenting barrels to fill whatever need you and your creatures have. Tame the wilderness and design your own cropland, pens, gardens and houses. Juggle the art of herding creatures, cooking, crafting, and trade to further develop your farm and creatures at your own pace.

Explore the wild, find and gather resources, catch creatures, and fend off threats that might get in your way. Go fish, mine precious gems, complete quests to earn unique rewards, and interact with characters to learn more about this strange world.