DOOM: The Dark Ages Announced

Bethesda Softworks officially announces DOOM: The Dark Ages, confirming the rumored title of the next installment in id Software's first-person shooter series. This is expected next year for Windows, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and Game Pass. The announcement trailer reveals it as a prequel, and along with familiar DOOM elements it shows several changes that take the action in new directions. One of them is skyward, as there's what appears to be dragon riding. We also see a throwable chainsaw shield and a demonic mech suit. Update: The game's Steam Listing and Official Announcement are now live (thanks Frans), so here's a better description:
Wage war as one man matched against Hell’s legions in a dark fantasy setting expanding the DOOM universe. Witness the origin of the Slayer’s rage and his rise from a kingdom’s last hope to Hell’s greatest fear in this pulse-pounding, cinematic prequel to DOOM (2016) and DOOM Eternal.

Go medieval on battalions of demons, made up of all-new threats as well as familiar foes reforged from DOOM’s classic bestiary. Bring their malicious forces to heel with heavy duty shooter combat in a heroic story of epic proportion, powered by the latest idTech engine.

Blast, bludgeon, bisect and break through the enemy ranks using the Slayer’s superhuman strength, lethal arsenal and unmet tenacity. Supplement your trusty Super Shotgun with The Dark Ages’ new weaponry, including the face-shattering Flail and revved-up, throwable Shield Saw.