Nobody Wants to Die Next Month

July 17th is the release date for Nobody Wants to Die, the recently announced noir adventure from Critical Hit Games and PLAION. It will come to PC via Steam as well as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. A new Gameplay Trailer is here with a look at the game's emphasis on visuals. "Our priority is to deliver a great narrative and graphical experience in our dystopian world," explains lead designer Grzegorz Goleń. "In Nobody Wants to Die, we give the player an opportunity to investigate a killer and uncover the dark secrets of the city, using the innovative in-game tools and their own moral compass as a guide." Here's more:
Nobody Wants to Die’s gameplay trailer showcases the signature investigation methods the game is built upon, highlighting the captivating mechanics players will utilize to uncover evidence and analyze clues in its enigmatic city. The trailer highlights a variety of in-game investigation tools featured in Nobody Wants to Die’s first crime scene, including a UV lamp to analyze blood splatter patterns, a hand-held x-ray that can reveal secrets laid beneath surfaces, and time manipulation techniques. Watch until the end for a glimpse at some of the investigations available later in the game.