Demos & Freebies

  • Minds Beneath Us on Steam (Windows). "Embark on a thrilling Sci-Fi journey in a futuristic Asian city in MINDS BENEATH US. In a society fully automated by advanced AI, you're ensnared within a foreign body, accompanied by its original owner's subconscious. Together, face impending challenges and confront an uncertain destiny."
  • SONOKUNI on Steam (Windows). "Battle your way through a biopunk and Japanese mythology-inspired landscape filled with over-the-top, hip hop-infused 2D action. A single hit means death, but use your time-bending skills to take down your oppressors and you might yet save your dying nation."
  • Whispers in the Moss on Steam (Windows). "Whispers in the Moss is an artisan retro JRPG with some of the most beautiful and detailed text-based graphics you've ever seen. Experience an epic story, a fun turn-based battle system, and a full custom soundtrack."