Rainbow Six Siege Adding Paid Membership

Ubisoft offers details on Operation New Blood, the second season in Year 9 in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. This will bring a lot to the multiplayer shooter when it launches on June 11th. Players can expect a complete remaster of original operator the Recruit, balance changes, and a new R6 Membership along with fixes and optimizations. Here's word on the membership deal: "Also arriving this season is the R6 Membership. Active Membership holders will enjoy monthly drops of exclusive content that includes time-limited gear, animated Legendary skins, 10x Battle level skips, a Bravo Pack and access to the Premium Battle Pass for $9.99/month or a discounted $79.99/year." Here's the Reveal Panel Trailer with a discussion of what to expect from the developers. Read on for more:
After nine years, Siege is reinventing its first Operator. The Recruit now sports a fresh look and features two new archetypes for playing as an Attacker or Defender, as well as the ability to customize their loadout by selecting two gadgets from those available depending on their role. This allows the Recruit to adapt to players’ strategies, fill gaps wherever needed, and provide new players with opportunities to explore different secondary gadgets and gameplay tactics. Striker, the offensive Recruit, can select two different gadgets from the wide range of attacking secondary gadgets. They’re armed with the M4 or M249 as a primary weapon, and a 5.7 USG or ITA 125 as a secondary weapon. The defensive Recruit, Sentry, can select from any defensive secondary gadget in the arsenal. Sentry’s loadout features the Commando 9 or M870 as a primary weapon, and the C75 Auto or Super Shorty as a secondary weapon. Since all players have access to the Recruit, Premium Battle Pass owners will receive an Operator voucher that can be redeemed for any Operator. Players who own all available operators will receive 600 R6 Credits.