Bungie Prevails in Cheating Case

Some posts from Stephen Totilo on X reveal Bungie has prevailed in its lawsuit against Aimjunkies and Phoenix Digital for selling cheats used in Destiny 2. The award was $63,210, as it's explained this is based on profits, not damages, and legal costs don't seem to be part of the ruling. Stephen notes this may be the first time a case based on cheats went to a jury, and that the jury rejected Aimjunkies' counterclaim alleging Bungie illegally accessed one of its computers. This post adds that Phoenix Digital founder David Schaefer says his group will fight this, moving for a dismissal or appeal, disputing whether Bungie proved this involved a copyright violation. For perspective, he re-adds the following note:
Game companies have been getting default rulings against cheat-makers for years, often with giant, multi-million-$ awards. This was the rare case where cheat-makers pushed back, said their actions weren't illegal and it was left for a jury to decide