Warhammer 40,000: Speed Freeks Open Beta

For more Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000: Speed Freeks is now in open beta, allowing everyone interested in this free-to-play combat racer to check it out on Steam. But there's a hitch. Word is the beta also requires a PROS account, which applies to games from PLAION, Saber Interactive, Deep Silver, and more. And as we know, gamers can be hesitant about new services and games requiring multiple logins. Here's the pitch on going PROS despite those concerns: "To access the Open Beta on Steam, users will need to set up or log into PROS, an online services account for upcoming games from PLAION, Saber Interactive, Deep Silver, and more. PROS accounts offer additional in-game rewards, extended stats, community benefits, and other features." Here's a new Konvoy Mode Trailer and more on the testing, which runs for the next week:
In the 41st Millennium, a kult of speed-obsessed Orks have emerged to gather an immense Speedwaaagh across the galaxy.

These ‘Speed Freeks’ are addicted to high-speed combat. With the fastest, shootiest, pulse-pounding, brain-rattling combination of dakka and recklessness, they bring their supercharged mob of buggies and tanks into the Speedwaaagh, ready to crush their competition. Hell-bent on gunning down their rivals and trashing everything in their path, these Orks race through battle attempting to prove themselves as “da fastest Orks in all da galaxy.”

Available now in Warhammer 40,000: Speed Freeks’ Open Beta, Kill Konvoy is the new and explosive high ork-tane racing mode where two teams of eight each have a giant Stompa that they’re helping to get to the finish line first. Players must strategize using effective vehicle combinations and kunnin’ tactics to destroy their opponents and gain morale, while also picking up powerful bombs to chuck at the enemy Stompa and slow it down. Also available in the Open Beta are seven playable vehicles and two epic battlefields for players to rampage across and leave their competition buried on.