Sand Beta Signups

Publisher tinyBuild announces the launch of a Gameplay Reveal Trailer for Sand, the upcoming desertpunk action/adventure in the works at Hologryph and TowerHaus. But this includes more than just a look, as signups are now underway for beta testers on the Sand Steam Listing so you can see what they're Dune here. Word is: "This summer, we invite you all to join us in the first beta for SAND, which you can sign up to participate in now on the Steam page." Here's the tourism ad for the land of Sand:
In SAND players are thrust into desolate deserts of the fallen planet Sophie, embarking on a quest to uncover resources and treasures. To navigate this harsh terrain efficiently, players are provided with the ability to design and modify their own Trampler, a walking mech capable of traversing the islands that were once submerged beneath a vast sea. Your Trampler is your base.