Serum Early Access

Early Access is underway on Steam for Serum, a survival game from Game Island and Toplitz Productions where your challenges include the game's titular serum, an "unknown liquid that "takes control of your life." The Official Release Trailer is here to illustrate the news. Here we have a fuller description and a brief outline of goals for Early Access:
SERUM throws the player head-first into a dark and intriguing narrative driven by a unique game mechanic: a mysterious elixir (serum) is essential to survival, a lifeline to be injected regularly as a momentary respite from an infected world. Players will quickly discover how this vital liquid can prolong their existence, amplify their abilities, and enhance their hand-crafted arsenal of deadly weaponry as they uncover a government conspiracy. This is an adrenaline-fueled journey filled with intrigue, danger, and the relentless pursuit of survival under the pressure of time in a contaminated wilderness.

During its time in early access, developer Game Island will look to expand upon the features and resources available to players, and has also revealed SERUM’S early access roadmap, which includes plans to bring an up to 4-player co-op mode later this year.