Hunt: Showdown "New Era" in August

Crytek announces an "overdue update" with some clarity on plans to update its first-person shooter Hunt: Showdown. It comes in this video explaining that new current-generation console editions of Hunt will arrive on August 15th, kicking off a "new era" of the game while updating it to version 5.11 of the CryEngine. The post confirms that once the update is live, the game will no longer be playable on last-generation consoles. The only consolation (yowza!) for affected owners is that all their progress and entitlements will carry over if they upgrade to a current system. This is said to be the first in as a weekly series of such videos outlining what to expect, and it concludes with a first discussion of the new user interface and other hints at changes. There's also the promise technical details will be revealed about what the new version will bring to both the PC and console editions.