Permafrost Announced

Winter is coming. SpaceRocket Games and Toplitz Productions announce Permafrost, an open-world survival game set in a frozen wasteland, following The Day After Tomorrow theory of climate change. The game has a Steam Listing with a TBA release date and a first post discussing the project. We have a teaser trailer that includes a first look at gameplay. Here are the details:
In the wake of the cataclysmic 'shattering', an apocalyptic moon phase phenomenon, humanity finds itself teetering on the brink of extinction as the world succumbs to an eternal deep freeze. The game reveals the collapse of existing political and economic structures and the deadly winter cold that has resulted in the deaths of billions of people.

As a survivor, adaptability is key. Brave the bone-chilling sub-zero temperatures which will have an effect on character capabilities, hunt elusive prey, and repurpose salvaged machinery to craft the tools needed for survival. But beware, for in this frozen wasteland, danger lurks at every turn—from hostile factions vying for control to the ever-present threat of natural predators.

Players of Permafrost have the opportunity to prevent the further extinction of humanity by building a shelter and establishing peace for the scattered communities that survive.