Survival: Fountain of Youth Released

Survival: Fountain of Youth is out of Early Access and is officially available on Steam for Windows. The announcement says this should also now be on the Epic Games Store, though it is not there as of now. Console gamers can expect this on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 later this year. The Launch Trailer takes a look at version 1.0 and this post has details on what's new. Here's word:
The 1.0 release caps off Survival: Fountain of Youth’s Early Access voyage with a treasure trove of content including Bimini Island, the fifth and final region. Discover new additions including quests, challenges, survival tasks, skill effects, perks, animals, weather types, achievements, a fearsome final boss, the Ark ship, quality-of-life updates, and this tale’s epic conclusion.

Join Juan Ponce de Leon’s legendary expedition to find the fabled Fountain of Youth and set sail for the Caribbean islands. Raging storms render the crew shipwrecked and scattered across the mysterious archipelago. Survive the unforgiving elements and battle wildlife using skill and what little the islands have to offer. Establish a base, collect materials, craft equipment, manage resources, and uncover the secrets of the mythical Fountain of Youth.