Trackmania Desert Car Update Next Week

The Trackmania Website outlines what to expect on Wednesday when the new Desert Car update rolls out in Trackmania, the high-octane time-trial game (thanks Frans). A new Desert Update Trailer is here with a look for those who don't share Anakin Skywalker's ammophobia. Here's what to expect:
The third episode of the Original Trilogy is set to launch on May 22nd at 5 pm CEST! Following the releases of the Snow and Rally cars, it’s now time for the Desert car to join Trackmania’s 20th anniversary celebration and complete the collection!

Like the Snow and Rally cars, the Desert car has been tailored to suit the new Trackmania surfaces. It retains the iconic and distinctive 2-wheel driving style from 2003 and incorporates special features from the Stadium car such as reactors and cruise control.

This update also brings 70 new blocks and items, along with 200 variables. Among the highlights are the introduction of the Desert car gate, innovative platform loopings, and new rocks and cliffs, designed to infuse Trackmania with an immersive natural atmosphere.