Out of the Blue

We've been checking out the offerings at a local food truck spot for a while now. This has been a mixed bag, as despite the resurgence of food trucks as a trendy option, more of them are pretty meh than anything. But this week we finally caught up with a truck serving up some pretty damn good barbeque (you know, for the north). We've had pretty bad luck in this area, as promising new spots quickly go downhill, and the best local joint changed hands a while back and followed suit. So our rotten luck will probably catch up with this pretty quickly, but hopefully we'll get to enjoy some more of this before the inevitable happens. I guess we should apologize in advance to the truck's other customers for discovering it and causing its inevitable ruination. Oh well, maybe the Smart Indoor Smoker will turn out to be our savior.

Well-fed Round-up
Thanks Ant and Neutronbeam.




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