Star Citizen Free Fly Festival

Cloud Imperium Games announces another Free Fly event is underway between now and May 29th in Star Citizen, the crowdfunded space game. The game is free to download and play and dozens of military vehicles are free to fly for the duration in celebration of Invictus Launch Week 2954, which may be an Easter egg that a full launch is just 930 years off. This schedule is here to help with the process, and the FAQ is here as backup for any lingering questions. An Invictus Launch Week 2954 Trailer and an Ursa Medivac Trailer are a pair of new cinematics to help illustrate the following news:
Join together to participate in Star Citizen’s Invictus Launch Week 2954, the annual celebration of the United Empire of Earth’s Navy and armed forces and those working hard to support them. The top aerospace and defense manufacturers in the ‘verse return to Area18 on ArcCorp to showcase their latest vehicles and equipment to prospective buyers and curious onlookers. Visit the show floor where a rotating selection of manufacturers changes every other day to offer something new for regular visitors, with exciting reveals already announced on the first day. Industrial-focused Argo Astronautics have revealed their MPUV TRACTOR loader ship for solo pilots, an accessible and flexible cargo transport designed to make large-scale hauling operations seamless and efficient; and venerable shipbuilder RSI have lifted the lid on their Ursa Medivac, a six-wheeled light support rover that’s more than just a rugged and reliable vehicle, it’s a mobile medical unit. Additional reveals will be made throughout the event, and while players wait they can look out for new features this year including planetary fly-bys from a corvette-class RSI Polaris flagship or visit the traveling Idris-M frigate and explore its decks themselves.

Star Citizen will be free to download and play during the entire event, and more than 87 military vehicles will be free to fly as well, giving everyone a taste of the might of the UEEN. A variety of collaborative in-game events designed in the spirit of “One Empire,” and how each citizen’s individual contributions help create humanity's unrivaled power of unity that has taken it beyond the stars, showcase the might of the UEE Navy and invites citizens to explore the vessels that keep the ‘verse safe.