Warlords 1-3 Rereleased

SNEG also has the fantasy genre covered today, releasing the first three games in the Warlords series, which offer strategic role-playing in a fantasy world. Once again these come to Steam updated for modern systems, and likewise are still available without the updates on GOG.com split into the same two parts: Warlords I + II* and Warlords III.* Here's a rundown on the games:

  • Warlords I + II – compilation of two great award-winning games. Both bring different worlds to conquer, mighty armies to fight, and enemies to vanquish. Brave heroes, quests, diplomacy and magic are all employed to overwhelm your rivals and dominate the world! [TRAILER]
    Warlords III: Darklords Rising – Enter a rich fantasy world of medieval warfare teeming with rage, revenge and bravery. This epic game of strategy and conquest now delivers a vastly larger world and deeper strategic gameplay that expands beyond the scope and depth of the original Warlords III: Reign of Heroes. Five epic campaigns and massive strategic battles serve as proving grounds that challenge the mettle of even the greatest Heroes and Warlords. [TRAILER]

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