Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut Declares Crossplay "Beta"

An update to last month's article on the PlayStation.Blog with system requirements for Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut reveals the multiplayer side of the PC edition of the action/adventure will be considered "beta" on launch (thanks Eurogamer). Multiplayer reportedly will require a PlayStation Network account, a prerequisite that caused the game to be delisted in all the territories where the PSN is not available. This mandate has caused loads of headaches for HELLDIVERS 2, that persist after it was dropped. It's not clear if declaring crossplay to be beta is intended to address this situation, or how it could do so. But the top of the post now bears this note:
Update (May 14, 2024): At launch, cross play on Legends Mode will be in Beta. Cross play between PS4 consoles, PS5 consoles, and PC is supported when starting a game session by inviting friends on PlayStation Network.