The Land Beneath Us Released

The Land Beneath Us is now available for Windows on Steam and for consoles, kicking off a roguelite dungeon crawler with a little anthropology, as Dear Villagers and FairPlay Studios say it is "rooted in Welsh mythology." If that sparks your curiosity, you're in luck, as there's a playable demo on all platforms, but these come with a warning that they'll be permanently removed after a week. Here's the Launch Trailer and more:
The Land Beneath Us is a turn-based rogue-lite action dungeon crawler. Use powerful skill combos and stylish weaponry to battle your way through the Underworld known as Annwn. Enjoy challenging dynamic encounters and discover the mysteries of this mythological world.

Forged by The Creator, the Ultimate Soul Harvester (U.S.H) is crafted to gather Souls. Now armed with Soul-Technology, its mission is one of redemption. Explore The Underworld, engage, barter, or confront characters. Learn from their tales to shape your unique path.