Grab your Flowbee and make sure your 'do is fully business in the front and party in the rear. MULLET MADJACK is now available on Steam, offering a single-player first-person shooter from HAMMER95 and Epopeia Games. This boomer shooter features manic action and colorful throwback graphics, as seen in this Launch Trailer. There's a playable demo, and it carries a 10% haircut for the next week. The premise here is similar to the cinematic masterpiece Crank, where you must keep the action amped up in order to stay alive:
You must KILL to get more TIME

We are in the 90s... 2090 to be precise. MULLET MADJACK is a frantic first-person action game set in a vintage ANIME world:

In this future, MAN and INTERNET have merged into a new being. This being needs DOPAMINE every 10 SECONDS, or else it will DIE!

The world is now ruled by super rich A.I. robots called "ROBILLIONAIRES",
Those who put their 10 SECONDS OF LIFE on the line to kill the robots are called MODERATORS!