HELLDIVERS 2 Steam Delistings and Refunds

The slow-motion trainwreck embroiling the PC edition of HELLDIVERS 2 continues, as SteamDB shows that the third-person shooter is now delisted in a bunch of territories (sympathies to all you gamers in Antarctica). Sony recently announced it will begin enforcing the requirement of a PlayStation Network Account to play, and it looks like the delistings are in countries that do not support the creation of a PSN account. A post from SteamDB adds: "Helldivers 2 is no longer purchasable in 177 countries where PSN is not available (but some are still available like Baltics). This game has now received 215,000 negative reviews." There is unconfirmed speculation on the HELLDIVERS Discord that Spitz is no longer a community manager after reportedly encouraging players to review bomb the game. Delisting the game suggests affected players are probably entitled to refunds. But it may be that all PC gamers are, as an X from Wario64 references this thread saying players are beginning to break through and get refund approvals even if they've played for more than two hours, which is usually a hard limit on Steam refund requests. Word is using the right approach and being persistent is getting results. Here's the summary of the gamer goodwill Sony has squandered here:
Helldivers 2 on Steam is now unable to purchase in numerous countries after it was announced that a PSN login will soon be required.

Steam has also been approving refund requests for players even if they've played over 2 hours