On Ghost of Tsushima DIRECTOR'S CUT and PSN

Seeing the writing on the wall, a xeet from Sucker Punch Productions addresses the upcoming PC launch of Ghost of Tsushima, as the Epic Listing and the Steam Listing for the DIRECTOR'S CUT of the PlayStation open-world action adventure each reference a PlayStation Network account requirement (thanks Wccftech). Aware that HELLDIVERS 2 is embroiled in controversy over the same requirement, the post notes that a PSN account will not be required for the single-player side of the game. But HELLDIVERS 2 has no single-player mode, so it's not clear how much pain this will save them. Here's word:
Just so you are aware, A PSN account is required for Legends online multiplayer mode and to use PlayStation overlay. It is not required to play the singleplayer game.