Seablip Early Access This Month

Speaking of ships at sea, solo developer Jardar Solli announces May 17th is the Early Access launch date for Seablip for Windows, macOS, and Linux. There's no shortage of open-world pirate adventures these days, so this is entering somewhat crowded waters. The Early Access Release Announcement Trailer provides a look at gameplay. A full launch is expected next year. Here are some details:
Roam the high seas in a vibrant open world containing a series of islands to discover and enemies to defeat. Drawing inspiration from titles such as Faster Than Light and Sid Meier’s Pirates!, Seablip offers the freedom to explore, build and even fish! Upgrade your ship with extra cannons and inventory space, hire a new crew to aid you in your adventures and gather resources from a range of sources - chopping trees, mining minerals and watering crops as you make use of the tools at your disposal. Engage in a plethora of minigames and activities as you progress, building bases and making use of your trusty fishing rod. Find gold from treasure or earn it by selling your wares, or even take bounties found around the world and enhance your pirate reputation as you get paid.