Oddsparks: An Automation Adventure Early Access

Early Access to Oddsparks: An Automation Adventure is now underway on the Epic Games Store and Steam, providing the first chance to play this automation/RTS game for Windows from Massive Miniteam and HandyGames. And if you're German, this is a chance to see your tax dollars at work, as word is this is "supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action with Federal funding for video games." Here's a new Things you didn't know about Oddsparks video featuring the developers, and this post lays out the Early Access roadmap. Read on for more:
Oddsparks: An Automation Adventure is a blend of Automation and Real Time Strategy for both the die-hard fans of the Automation genre and the Automation-curious. Explore a strange fantasy world, uncover the mysteries of the past, automate your workshops, and go on adventures with your odd & adorable Sparks!

Oddsparks is a great entry point into automation games but with a fresh spin for those who’ve already played thousands of hours in the genre. You’ll design automated workshops and put your Sparks to work in carrying and crafting everything you could need - including more Sparks!

Without conveyor belts, you'll have to manage the Spark traffic to optimize your designs. Use your wide toolbox of options to solve the logistics puzzles you'll face as you tackle distance and elevation.