Mark of the Deep Announced

Mad Mimic announces Mark of the Deep, an action/adventure for PC and consoles inspired by games such as Hollow Knight and Death's Door. A Steam Listing is live, showing a 2024 release window and sporting a "Request Access" button if you want to be a beta tester. We have a first look at gameplay in this trailer and the following details:
Mark of the Deep is an epic pirate-themed adventure with a strong narrative and a thrilling mix of Metroidvania and Souls-Like elements. Embark on this journey, explore the mysteries of a cursed island and find your missing pirate crew!

A pirate ship wrecked on a mystic and cursed island, till then known only by myths n’ tales. In this diversely hostile environment, Marcus “Rookie” Ramsey needs to face a wide variety of dangers to find his lost crew.

However, by exploring the eerie biomes and fighting abyssal monsters, he will learn that the Island was cursed centuries ago, when the cultist leader of the Old Folk - the native inhabitants of the island - imprisoned the Leviathan, in search of obtaining immortality.