Ironmarked Suspends Development; Releases Demo

Steam now offers a playable Windows demo for Ironmarked, a fantasy RPG with support for up to three players in co-op (thanks Eurogamer). As stated in this post, this is a good news/bad news scenario. While players can now sample this project, developer Flaming Fowl announces development of the game is suspended amid a round of layoffs at this studio founded by veterans of Lionhead Studios. All hope is not lost, however, as the post notes that if enough players wishlist the game, it may be possible to get funding to resume development. In the meantime, the studio will work on a smaller self-funded project:
Today we are releasing a demo of Ironmarked, a new game we have been working on recently. Unfortunately, due to the current lack of funding in the games industry, we are putting production on hold and have had to downsize the studio, letting go of some amazing people.

Although this is a difficult and sad time for everyone involved, we are very proud of what we were creating and want to share that with all of you. We also hope that by releasing this demo, we can help those people leaving us to secure new roles elsewhere, by demonstrating their outstanding work on the project.

Hopefully, with enough wishlists on Steam, we will be able to find funding in the future for Ironmarked, but until then we will be working on a smaller game that we can fully fund ourselves.