First Dwarf Playtest

A multiplayer playtest is now underway for First Dwarf, a colony survival action/RPG. You can request access on Steam for testing that's expected to run until May 6th, and if you were part of the first beta you should already be set. In this you get to operate a powerful mech suit and traverse the map by flight, even though this is ostensibly a fantasy game, complete with a dragon. The Gameplay Overview explains this technomagical blend along with a look at gameplay. Here's more on the test and the game:
Take on the role of dwarven scouting engineer Tru and pilot your mana-powered mech! This time, you have a chance to get a first taste of online and local co-op mode and play together with your friend.

Unique combination of colony survival, action RPG, tower defense and base building.. That’s what First Dwarf offers! Explore the amazing world as a Dwarf, a Mech and a Dragon, switch through characters and see what they are capable of! Fly high with Ragna’s scaly wings and destroy enemies with powerful mech!