Exophobia Demo

PM Studios announces a July 23rd release date for Exophobia, a very boomer shooter for Windows, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series X|S, and Switch. The throwback throws way back here, as a new trailer busts out 1990s gameplay with 1980s 8-bit pixel art. Everyone can experience this time warp right now, as there's a playable demo on GOG.com and Steam. Here's more:
Exophobia is a retro inspired sci-fi FPS with modern metroidvania progression, mixing crisp colorful pixel art with intense electronic music for a unique stylish aesthetic!

You find yourself alone in a human spaceship taken over by hostile alien soldiers. Explore and fight your way to find the last human survivors, while you uncover piece by piece the backstory of the spaceship crew, leading to this high-stakes moment at the red planet. Evolve your alien weapon and shoot, slide, stun your enemies and more, in your journey to escape out alive!