Atari Revives Infogrames Brand

Atari announces it is reviving the Infogrames brand as a new publishing label. New is relative here, as Infogrames is the name of the French company that renamed itself Atari in 2003, before completely acquiring the brand in 2008. Legacy titles first published by Infogrames may eventually arrive, but for now the plan is to use the revived brand to publish games outside Atari's core titles. The first of these appears to be Totally Reliable Delivery service, as the announcement includes news of the acquisition of this IP from tinyBuild. This purchase is another bit of sort-of insider trading, since Atari also recently invested in tinyBuild. "With Totally Reliable Delivery Service, Infogrames is starting off with a strong IP that has a loyal and enthusiastic player base," says Geoffroy Châteauvieux, Manager of Infogrames LLC. "The Infogrames team will be able to expand upon the strong work of tinyBuild, and re-energize this high-potential franchise." Here's more:
Infogrames intends to actively manage its catalog of titles by expanding digital and physical distribution, and developing new collections and sequels. Consistent with Atari’s approach, Infogrames sees game preservations as a core component of its mission.

Infogrames also announced today its first IP acquisition with the purchase of the Totally Reliable Delivery Service games, trademarks and underlying property from tinyBuild LLC. First released in 2019, Totally Reliable Delivery Service is an all-ages multiplayer sendup of the package delivery world, set in an open sandbox full of absurd gadgets, unlikely delivery vehicles and a healthy dose of chaos.