Embracer Group Splitting Into Three Companies

Embracer Group announces it's splitting into three separate companies called Asmodee Group, Coffee Stain & Friends, and Middle-earth Enterprises & Friends. This trisection is the latest maneuver to stop the bleeding that began when the company's lavish acquisition spree came to a crashing halt last spring. It's been shedding studios, IPs, and employees since, so hopefully this is the turnaround point. Here's the structure expected to take form over the next 12 months:
The three separate publicly listed entities are expected to consist of:

  • Asmodee, a global leading tabletop games publisher and distributor with an extensive studio network and IP catalogue.
    • Net Sales of SEK 14.8 billion and Adjusted EBIT of SEK 1.9 billion on a pro forma basis as per LTM[2] December 2023
  • “Coffee Stain & Friends”, a diverse gaming entity with a dual focus on indie and A/AA premium and free-to-play games for PC/console and mobile, with a high degree of recurring revenues.
    • Net Sales of SEK 10.9 billion, Adjusted EBIT of SEK 2.8 billion on a pro forma basis as per LTM December 2023.
  • “Middle-earth Enterprises & Friends”, a creative powerhouse in AAA game development and publishing for PC and console, as well as the stewards of The Lord of the Rings and Tomb Raider intellectual properties, among many others.
    • Net Sales SEK of 14.1 billion, Adjusted EBIT SEK 2.0 billion on a pro forma basis as per LTM December 2023.